Pricing of our embroidery services typically is unique to each order, and will almost always vary on the quantity, but there are four costs that  determine the price of your order:

  • One time Digitizing fee
  • Price of garment to be embroidered
  • Actual cost of the embroidery service (based on stitch count)
  • Delivery fees

                                                 Digitizing Fee

Whatever design or lettering you would like to embroider will require us to create a file that plots every stitch of your logo (if you have had embroidery done elsewhere you can send us the file and save on this cost).  Typically the charge will be $10 per 1000 stitches in the logo, but the best thing to do is send us your artwork and we will give you a quote.  Our digitizers are available to work with you to create the perfect logo for you.

Garment Price

We have several quality vendors that we work with, which allows us to offer you a wide variety of high quality garments at a discount rate. This allows us to discount our price to you based on the quantity that you order (you will receive a price break at quantities of 12, 36 and 100).   You can view our Catalog page to get an idea of what is available.


Embroidery prices are determined by the amount of stitches, and as a general rule it is $1 per thousand stitches.  For those who are new to embroidery, the average left chest logo is on average 7,000 stitches, and a full jacket back would be approximately 20,000 stitches.  Once again this cost is based on the quantity you order.  To get a better understanding, look at our Design Page.


So as you can see, there are many variables in quoting a price on an embroidery job.  What you should do now is goto our Ordering page, or if you have questions, drop us an e-mail and we will get you your answers as soon as possible.

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