Step 1: Getting us your Artwork or Logo   For fastest response, please email us your logo, jpeg attachments work best, but we can use almost any format.  Other options include faxing, mailing, or just stop by our shop and drop it off.

Step 2:  Approving your Proof  Before embroidering your logo we will send you a "proof" of your design.  Now is the time to make any modifications to the design or change the colors.  We will then run a sample of your design.  Your garments will look exactly like the photo proof you receive.

Step 3:  Determining your order size   We prefer orders to be a minimum of 12 garments, this is for your benefit because you will get a better price break.  If you have a smaller specialty order, call or send an e-mail and we can discuss options. 

Step 4:  Embroidering  Once we have received your signed approval, we will begin the embroidery of your order.  We ship most orders in 2 weeks, repeat orders usually ship in less time.

Step 5:  Shipping  All orders are shipped via UPS ground from Wales, WI.  You may choose to ship your order overnight carrier, or stop by to visit and pick up your order. 


Questions, Comments, Suggestions?  We'd love to hear from you e-mail us at:   embroideryguy@wi.rr.com  or call us at (414) 687-1558

    810 E. Brandybrook Rd.  Wales, WI  53183